Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling a home, developing real estate, or investing in a commercial real estateventure, it is a significant investment. At the Cerio Law offices, we ensure that you are protected from both legal and financial liability. By working directly with real estate developers, investors, zoning committees, condominium boards, and home owners, we are able to acquire all the necessary paperwork, documentation, financing, title and deed records, and insurance requirements. Our real estate lawyers represent our clients in disputes that occur in the event of the sale of a home. With problems like asbestos and water leakage, our clients know that they are protected through litigation and our preparedness to respond.

Residential Real Estate

The real estate attorneys at the Cerio Law Offices work closely with home buyers, sellers, and condominium boards involving residential estate issues. Through careful research, we evaluate contracts, review financial terms, and help with indemnification issues. We work to advise our clients with legal advice with home inspections, terms that mandate mediation or arbitration, and determine the enforceability of community covenants.

Commercial Real Estate

Over the course of a commercial real estate project, our attorneys form consultative relationships with clients, addressing legal issues as they arise. We prepare all constitutional and legal motions regarding abandoned, under-utilized property to prepare for commercial real estate development.

Developers and Communities

Our attorneys are prepared for communities to voice concern over the impact of commercial real estate on their community. We represent developers in meetings and in interactions with community leaders, and will help you address all concerns reducing the probability for confrontation and delays.

Why work with a Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate agents have a financial motivation – if your deal falls through, they won’t get their commission. Their goal is to make sure your deal is finalized, regardless if there could be potential problems. Conversely, real estate attorneys at the Cerio Law Offices do not get paid a commission. Our main interest is to defend your legal and financial benefits. We are always on your side to guarantee you are hearing the truth and are being treated with the respect you deserve.