With 75 years of combined experience,
we offer our clients personalized professional service.


Thomas J. Cerio, Esq.


David W. Herkala, Esq.


Donald C. Doerr, Esq.


Rudolph Wm. Sohl, Esq.


Julie A. Cerio, Esq.


Lauren J. LaPaglia, Esq.


Michael D. Root, Esq.


Firm History

The Cerio Law Offices were founded in 1998 by owner and senior partner, Thomas J. Cerio, Esq. We specialize in providing legal services to both corporate and personal clients. In addition to Thomas J. Cerio, our firm includes five additional attorneys and an of-counsel attorney. Our legal team, with 75 years of combined experience, allows us to offer our clients personalized professional service.

The attorneys at Cerio Law Offices are licensed in New York Sate and do not practice outside of the state. Through our experience, the Cerio Law Offices have developed an extensive knowledge of the laws of New York State.

At the Cerio Law Offices, we strongly support our clients’ rights and opportunities, with the utmost respect and understanding of their needs. To the attorneys at Cerio Law Offices, being a successful lawyer goes further than having a knowledge of the law – it includes a strong dedication and support of the clients.